​This checklist is to ensure you receive the safest and most effective results from your treatment.

Any treatment not listed please call or text for instructions 

Hydrafacial/Dermaplaning/Chemical Peels

Wash face and put nothing on it before your treatment

​Brown Spots/Photofacial/Rosacea

No sun exposure or tanning 3 weeks prior to treatment.

​No makeup or lotions

​Spots will get darker then flake off within a week plan accordingly.

Skin Tightening

No sun exposure 2 weeks prior to treatment.

​No makeup or lotions

Spider Vein Removal

​No sun exposure 1 week prior to treatment and area must be pale no tan.

Shave area if hair is near vein.

​No makeup or lotions

​No exercise 5 days after treatment so plan accordingly.

Laser Hair Removal

​No tanning or sun exposure to the area being treated 3 weeks prior to treatment.  No spray tans 1 week prior and all color must be removed before treatment. 

​No antibiotics 10 days prior to treatment. 

​Shave all areas being treated within 24 hours of appointment preferably the morning of the appointment. Any visible hair makes treatment less effective and we can charge a shave fee or reschedule you.

​No waxing or plucking 3 weeks prior to treatment because the root must be intact for laser to be effective.

Nail Fungus Treatment

​Clean feet

No nail polish

No lotions

​Shave any toe hair

​Wear sandals or bring clean pair of socks and new shoes.